Get active: make a submission against the expansion of the Dendrobium coal mine

This is a short post to share an opportunity to get active on behalf of our local environment. South32 is seeking to expand the Dendrobium coal mine in the water catchment of Wollongong and Sydney. The water catchment area is home to precious and rare ecosystems including endangered hanging swamps that occur nowhere else in the world. Mining underneath the water catchment is harmful to the environment and to the integrity of water sources for the Illawarra and southern Sydney. 

Protect Our Water Alliance (POWA) has prepared an excellent submission guide, which you can follow to have maximum impact in protecting the water catchment from the destructive longwall mining proposal, all to produce coal that when burnt will only accelerate dangerous climate change.

For those concerned about local employment, there are alternative employment options in the renewables space, and state and federal governments are already putting funds towards transitioning the local Bluescope Steelworks towards producing green (low or no emissions) steel.

Have at it!

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