New page on this website - growing Illawarra natives to attract wildlife!

This website has a new page! Why? As part of the long and complicated process of making the Growing Illawarra Natives website a reality, I and many other people involved with the project have been working on content. 

Rather than have all that material just waiting unused on the shelf, we are releasing some of it early. One key piece of work is about growing Illawarra natives to attract wildlife, written by Garry Daly, an ecologist with a profound knowledge of and love for the fauna of the region. 

There was so much interest in Alison Mellor's and my recent co-post on native bees, I'm sure that the information and suggestions in Garry's piece will be widely read and applied. 

In case you're wondering, it is a 'page' rather than a 'post' because it has its own permanent link - check the sidebar on the right of this post, under 'Pages on this blog'. Or you can click straight through here

Even a tiny courtyard garden can attract interesting fauna, like this Case Moth that has used leaves from a Coffee Bush  (Breynia oblongifolia) to make itself a case. Image by Emma Rooksby. 

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