Try growing: Schelhammera undulata

Schelhammera undulata. What's that? A collection of Latin gibberish...? 

No, it's actually a gorgeous little ground cover that grows in coastal NSW, including the Illawarra. It is widespread south from the Lismore area, but quite uncommon. Although hard to come by in nurseries, it is very attractive with its flush of purple flowers in spring, and it really should be more widely grown. Here's a picture - just imagine this in your cottage garden:
Schelhammera undulata flowering happily in early October. Image by Emma Rooksby.

Perhaps part of the problem is that Schelhammera doesn't even have a common name...Would it be easier to buy if you could ask for a few Lilac Stars, or a pot of Native Crocuses? (Yes, it's related to autumn crocuses!)
Pick me - a local plant that deserves to be cultivated more widely. Image by Emma Rooksby.
You can find out more about this species from the NSW PlantNet website. And if you like the look of it, ask your local nursery if they can stock it or order it in for you.

Would you grow Schelhammera undulata, I mean Native Crocus, if you found it in a nursery?

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