Celebrating: Dharawal National Park

Thanks to years of tireless campaigning by many groups and individuals, the Dharawal National Park has finally become a reality. This priceless piece of bushland has been under threat from mining, but will now be protected in perpetuity.

Here are just a couple of shots of some of the beautiful garden inspirations in the Park:
A scribbly gum (Eucalyptus racemosa) going strong despite being completely hollow. Image by Emma Rooksby.
Amazing 'new' bark of the narrow-leaf mallee (E. apiculata)a rare eucalypt that can be seen in the Dharawal NP. Image by Emma Rooksby.
A young She-oak, the needles coloured with red and yellow as well as green. Image by Emma Rooksby.
Well I never - blue mushrooms?!? Image by Emma Rooksby. 
The Park has some great walks and would be well worth a visit over the Easter break (or any other time for that matter).

More information on the campaign for the Dharawal National Park, and plans for new facilities in the Park, is available here: http://www.botanybay.info/ 

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