How to: Use bokashi juice in a native garden

A few months back I attended a fantastic workshop on propagating native plants. I learned heaps, but one of the only question that the presenter couldn't answer was whether bokashi juice is safe to use on native plants. So I've been asking around. And experimenting...

My conclusion so far is that bokashi juice does no harm to native plants, so long as it is fresh (less than 24 hours old), well diluted (at 4-6 tablespoons in a 9L watering can), added to the ground rather than sprayed on the leaves, and applied no more than once a month. A couple of experienced gardeners have also confirmed that it should be safe to use on natives. 

Native plants thriving on bokashi juice. Image by Emma Rooksby. 
So far I haven't got convincing evidence that bokashi juice is a positive benefit to the native plants in our garden, but after six months of the occasional 'dose', the recipients still look happy and healthy. 

A good introduction to bokashi composting is available from the inspirational Urban Farmer Up North blog.

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