Garden inspiration: Wollamai Point

I've been doing 'garden inspiration' posts for a few years now, and hoping they touch a few hearts and get a few new species planted. But to be honest I'm not really sure what inspires who to do what these days! It's a strange old world where a simple plea to look after local plant communities can turn out to be just another salvo in a toxic Culture War.

But still, the amazing local bushland and parkland areas around the Illawarra are pretty inspiring! Here are a few shots from Wollamai Point on Lake Illawarra to get you thinking. It's a beautiful spot for a wander or just to sit down and contemplate nature. 
She-oaks and other trees fringing Lake Illawarra. Image by Emma Rooksby.
A crazy tangle of Native Hibiscus (H. diversifolius) plus She-oaks and vines, growing along the main
path through the vegetation at Wollomai Point. Image by Emma Rooksby.
There are quite a few interesting and rare plant species on this site, including the rare White-flowered Wax Plant (Cynanchum elegans). It's a wonderful spot to explore. 

This is Resin Vine (Aphanopetalum resinosum), a good garden substitute for Jasmine species. Image by Emma Rooksby.
Black-fruited Sedge (Cyperus tetraphyllus), a tough sedge but one  vulnerable to weed invasion. We saved these plants (for now!) from being swamped by Winter Grass (Ehrharta erecata). Image by Emma Rooksby

The trunk of a massive Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla)- these guys are just sooo hard to photograph. Image by Emma Rooksby.
The pictures show just a tiny proportion of the plants that grow at Wollamai Point, and many of them are eminently suitable to use in local gardens. I hope many more people will soon have local rainforest species in their gardens!

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