Try growing: Brittlewood (Claoxylon australe)

This post is about a personal favourite tree of mine, Brittlewood (Claoxylon australe). Not many people grow it, and most people I've talked to don't think much of it as a garden plant. Perhaps I'm weird but I reckon it's pretty cute! 

Brittlewood is a smallish bushy tree to around 6m, with a rounded form. It typically has many small slender branches coming off its main trunk, and these can be prone to breakage, giving the plant its common name. But its leaves are such a pretty soft green, and when a plant is growing well in good conditions they make it look really lush and pleasant.  

Perhaps I'm thinking about it because of the atrociously hot and dry recent weather.
A handsome fully-grown Brittlewood showing the rounded habit and giving a sense of its greenness. (Photo by Byron Cawthorne-McGregor.)
A young Brittlewood in a pot. This plant is around two years old and pretty happy
so long as it is kept well watered. Apologies for the photo! Image by Emma Rooksby.
The lovely soft green foliage of Brittlewood is very soothing, particularly on a hot dry day.  Image by Scott Miller ©.
Brittlewood is not a striking plant, but it could be useful as a filler in a larger garden, or grown in a large self-watering tub where you need a touch of gentle greenery. 

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