Garden inspiration: Brokers Nose

I wanted to do a post on all the beautiful plants growing up at Brokers Nose, on the escarpment above Corrimal. Unfortunately we picked the wrong day to go walking and ended up stuck in some of the more or less daily rain we're getting round here. At some points the path was more like a creek than a path...

But it was a good day for fungi!! I've had a go at identifying what we saw, but if anyone has a better ID, please let me know.
This beauty looks like a Sunset Fungus  (Stereum ostrea). There was absolutely masses of it growing along a fallen branch. Image by Emma Rooksby.
I've never seen this fungus before. It seems to be in the Ramaria genus, and might be Ramaria aurea. No common  name, but Golden Ramaria would suit it.  Image by Emma Rooksby.
You have to play 'spot the mushroom' here sorry. In the shot are three tiny burgundy-capped mushrooms that I
can't identify. They might be Cortinarius. Image by Emma Rooksby.
Last but not least was this beast. It was around 15cm across, and one of about half a dozen growing on the walking track we were following. Image by Emma Rooksby.
Walking in the rain does have its advantages. There were some lovely misty views as we descended towards the Picton Road. 
Lance Beard-heath (Leucopogon lanceolatus) growing in a misty setting.  Image by Emma Rooksby.
The bark from the Scribbly Gums (Eucalyptus racemosa) is on the ground at the moment, with some stunning artwork from the Scribbly Gum Moths.
Scribbly Gum bark. Image by Emma Rooksby.
It's a great weekend for fungus-spotting if you're prepared to brave the weather! 

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