I've not been well lately and gardening has been a bit difficult. But there's still plenty to see in the garden. In particular the small pond we put in a few years back is paying dividends, with visits from striped marsh frogs and Peron's tree frogs. 
Peron's tree frog seen recently on a banksia leaf. This frog is also known as the 'maniacal cackle frog'.
If you want to find out more about local frogs, and listen to recordings of their calls, here's a great page from the Frogs of Australia website. Landcare Illawarra also have a neat brochure featuring local frogs - it's available online here

In other news, it's a great season for fungus, after plenty of rain in December and January. My better half snapped this amazing one in rainforest up on Mount Keira.
A stunner of a fungus. Do you know what it's called?
We are trying to encourage more fungi to grow in our garden but it requires patience, as well as a willingness to leave plenty of branch, bark and leaf litter on the ground....

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