Garden inspiration: Illawarra Grevillea Park

If you are interested in gardening with natives (local or from further afield) one place that you absolutely must not miss is the Illawarra Grevillea Park.

This fantastic park, located just off the Princes Highway in Bulli, comprises two unenclosed areas consisting largely of indigenous vegetation, and an enclosed section that is open for twelve days each year.

In the enclosed section, there is a huge number of interesting native plants (including cultivars), and the design of the beds shows them off very effectively. Many are labelled, so you know what you're looking at. And you may even be able to buy the species you're interested in, as there is a wide range of native plants on sale. (May as well take the chance to splurge - sales of plants provide important financing for the volunteer-managed Park.)

A gorgeous WA eucalypt cultivar. Image by Emma Rooksby. 
A creative use for some large old cement pipes. Image by Emma Rooksby

Two locals: Narrow-leaved Geebung (Persoonia linearis) in front of a blackbutt (Eucalyptus pillularis). Image by Emma Rooksby. 
You can stop for a cuppa and a biscuit at a converted chapel with views out over the ocean. There are also second-hand gardening books and other items for sale here, at very reasonable prices.

View of the chapel. Image by Emma ROoksby. 
The unenclosed areas are beautiful too, and contain a wide range of local sclerophyll and rainforest plants, as well as walking tracks.

For more information, including plant lists and details of opening days for the enclosed section of the garden, see the Illawarra Grevillea Park webpage.

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