Starting out

After a couple of years living in Wollongong, we’re now sure that it’s more than just a fling. We heart the Gong. This is where we want to settle down. The bushland, the escarpment, the endless ocean, and the Goldilocks size of the town (not too big to be hard to get around, not too small to have all the amenities) have won us over.

Especially the bushland. How do we get a bit more of that in our daily lives? Here’s what we started with: bushland out the back, and the rest a sea of lawn....

And where do we want to get to? We want to create a garden based around plant species local to the Illawarra, featuring the colours and textures that we've enjoyed so much on bushwalks in the region. While we know we won't be recreating a local natural environment, and couldn't do so even if we tried, we're aiming for a native garden that contains habitat suitable for local wildlife, stretching from the bush behind our house all the way to the verge out the front. And doing what we can in between to make our house and lifestyle that little bit greener.  

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