Garden design using Illawarra natives

“You can have native plants and use them just as you would any other garden plant. You can make topiary out of them, clip them, make hedges out of them - you do not need to treat them as though they’re in the bush. You can garden with them.”
Ros Walcott, quoted in The Australian Native Garden: A Practical Guide.

 Image by Kath Gadd. All rights reserved, http:/
Many styles of garden design have come in and out of fashion over the years, and these are often associated with exotic plants from different parts of the work. It is perfectly possible to include indigenous Illawarra species in a wide range of garden styles, because of the diversity of plants that grow in the region.

Follow the links below for tips on using local natives in common garden design styles:

There are so many benefits to using local natives: they are likely to grow well, need relatively little maintenance, and will attract native birds and animals.

A bird bath placed among shrubby natives such as Orange Thorn (Pittosporum multiflorum) will attract many different bird species. Image by Keith Horton.
There are many great garden design resources out there, including some excellent ones about designing with Australian natives. Some, but not all of the species mentioned, will occur naturally in the Illawarra region. A few favourites include: 

The Australian Garden: Designing with Australian Plants (2003) Diana Snape, ACC Art Books.
The Australian Native Garden: A Practical Guide (2015) Angus Stewart and A.B. Bishop, Murdoch Books.
Garden Voices: Australian Designers - Their Stories (2013) Anne Latreille, Bloomings Books.
Habitat: A practical Guide to Creating a Wildlife-friendly Australian Garden (2018) A.B. Bishop, Murdoch Books.
Native: Art and Design with Australian Plants (2017) Kate Heard and Jela Ivankovic-Waters, Thames and Hudson.
Birdscaping Australian Gardens: Using Native Plants to Attract Birds to your Garden (2011) George Adams, Viking Books.

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